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What are folders and files? What is a Personal folder? CH000492 Additional information and help with the boot.ini. Why am I not able to delete certain files? http://newsgrouphosting.com/windows-vista/windows-vista-repair-disk-format-question.php

CH000545 How to update a Microsoft Windows computer. Which imaging software should I use? CH000739 How do I create a Windows shortcut? APM Advanced Power Management help and support. http://www.computerhope.com/vistaqa.htm

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CH000557 Windows fonts are poor quality and not smooth. It also includes support for Zero Touch Installation, which requires Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2003 or Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007. How do I create a desktop shortcut to a Web page? All Rights Reserved 5 Star Support Home Computer Help Forums Computer Tutorials Tips, Tricks & Tweaks Troubleshooting FAQ Web 5 Star Support Windows Vista Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions

  1. CH000824 How do I empty or manage the Windows Recycle Bin?
  2. Registry Microsoft Windows Registry help and support.
  3. Remote Desktop to Vista Home Edition DreamScene is not working in Vista Premium?
  4. How can I get Vista to Automatically log me on?
  5. CH000876 Missing or corrupt c:\windows\system32\drivers\ntfs.sys.

CH000914 What is the Windows spoolsv.exe file and process? Popular Windows Dev Center Microsoft Azure Microsoft Visual Studio Office Dev Center ASP.NET IIS.NET Learning Resources Channel 9 Windows Development Videos Microsoft Virtual Academy Programs App Developer Agreement Windows Insider Program I would like to upgrade to Windows Vista Enterprise using the Campus License Agreement (CLA). CH000570 Additional information and options for the rundll32.exe file.

CH000141 Where can I get TweakUI for Microsoft Windows? Window 7 CH000857 How do I play a sound or music file in Windows? If you require Banner compatibility, contact the Helpdesk branch of Client Services in order to arrange to have your computer converted to Windows XP Professional. http://www.computerhope.com/vistaqa.htm How do I open a file or a folder that is located in the File List?

Earlier Windows versions made deploying standard user accounts difficult, particularly for mobile users. CH000795 How do I change directories? How can I disable the Sidebar? CH000924 Upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista recommended steps.

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When an application tries to write to a protected area, Windows Vista redirects the operation to a per-user copy of the protected area. http://www.5starsupport.com/faq/vista-faq.htm That doesn't mean you shouldn't, however - in my opinion, the move is worth the whole package of improvements and new features. Windows Vista Free Download Full Version Does Client Services support Microsoft Windows Vista?Yes. Windows Xp CH001182 What is dwm.exe and why is it using so much memory?

How do I open my Personal folder? Check This Out My computer arrived with Windows Vista Business or Enterprise preinstalled. Wallpaper

What is wallpaper? Customers currently evaluating and deploying Windows Vista should continue their evaluation, pilot programs, and deployment on the RTM version of Windows Vista.

It is very important to review the system requirements for the VM software you plan on using. MODEM Modem help and support. Was this page useful? Source How can I activate Vista Home Basic without accessing the Internet?

Windows Vista is already packaged using the Windows Imaging (.wim) file format. The installation then proceeds automatically. Does Vista come with the capability to Zip files?

CH000743 How do I delete a file or folder?

I do not see the program I want to open. Legal Privacy Copyright ©1999-2011 Baycon Group, Inc. Microsoft provides tools that can help customers identify and make incompatible applications work correctly with UAC. They aren’t as interested in the latest cool new features as they are on reducing the cost of owning and operating desktop computers.

I'll take that. CH001753 Where do I find Accessories in the Windows Start menu? CH000584 Microsoft Windows status bar continues to be disabled. http://newsgrouphosting.com/windows-vista/windows-vista-isn-t-so-bad.php Examples of Windows Vista security features include BitLocker™ Drive Encryption, which provides support for full-volume data encryption, and Windows Defender, which protects computers from certain types of malware.

Online Admissions Application How to Access the VPN Oakshare Website Information Not Authorized to Use the Web Information System How to Add a Network Printer to Mac OS X New Undergrad How do I manage security? The operating system includes features that help users more successfully support themselves. What is filtering?

Customers can download UMST 3.0 from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=799ab28c-691b-4b36-b7ad-6c604be4c595&DisplayLang=en. Microsoft delivers device driver and operating system updates through Windows Update. How do I delete a desktop shortcut? Second, BitLocker™ Drive Encryption (BDE) provides whole-volume file encryption.

Will Windows Vista result in increased Help Desk calls? Joystick Joystick and gamepad help and support. Vista hasn't even been released yet for consumers and already we're seeing WPF apps - in fact, the recently-posted New York Times Reader is one of them. Kinja Kinja Kinja It provides guidance and tools to protect Windows Vista against real-live threats, such as malware and intellectual-property theft.

CH000508 Preventing Microsoft Windows from prompting for a CD. CH000826 How can I play a DVD movie in Windows XP? Recycle Bin shows files when no files exist Where is the Favorites folder in Vista? How can I get a program to automatically start?

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