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How Much Space Does Vista Home Premium Need?


Here's what you should do before even attempting to clean-install Windows Vista. 1. Load Driver. Login to post comments Space the Final Frontier Submitted by Search Engine Ranking (not verified) on Thu, 2009-01-22 12:49. Lots to learn from you here. weblink

But it does not include anti-virus protection for some reason. Somehow, some way, it became "the thing to do" to bash anything that comes out of that big evil corporation in Redmond. it is for boot informations (mbr= master boot record) it says to the os what to boot and from where Jun 2, 2007 at 10:24 AM #13 wazzledoozle New Member Alternatively, you could reduce the amount of space that it's using. http://www.zdnet.com/article/does-vista-really-need-15gb-of-disk-space/

Windows Vista Recommended System Requirements

But the most important part, drive scanning, is single-threaded (seen with Process Explorer). If you can find this folder, sometimes called "WAU", you can safely burn this to a DVD and then delete the folder. Sound Card: Soundblaster Live! 24 bit (paired with X-530 speakers).

Login to post comments Grecat articles and it's so Submitted by Christian louboutin sale (not verified) on Sat, 2010-03-06 20:25. or was it 15GB... EK 240MM Kit, Supreme HSF - Runs 35C Memory: 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance White LP @ 1.35V Video Card(s): XFX Radeon HD 6870 980/1100 Hard Disk(s): WD Caviar Black 1.0TB, Windows Xp Space Requirements Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.

Just right click a folder, hit Properties, then Advanced, then Compress. System Requirements Windows 7 Kind of a mini, local time machine. If you are running an older Windows version, you probably shouldn't be trying to install Vista on that machine. Let's examine some of the interesting options available under "Drive options (advanced)" before continuing.

Remove Old Stuff - Just go into Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features and tidy up. Windows Vista Download I love shadow copy. If you disable hibernation, this space should get freed-up, but then you won't be able to hibernate. Frankly, neither of these options is particularly desirable.

System Requirements Windows 7

A major pain for developpers, and maybe a big pain for ASP.Net servers with many web sites on it.Anyone knows HOW to move this to another partition ?folbecTuesday, 21 October 2008 If you are working with a hard disk that a partition and some empty hard disk space, and would like to extend that partition so that it now includes some or Windows Vista Recommended System Requirements Then, go up one folder with "cd .." and type "rd /s temp" Do be warned, this command says to TRY to delete the whole folder and everything underneath it. Windows Xp Sp3 System Requirements Check the item titled "I accept the license terms" and then click Next to continue.     6.

System Restore is a big resource hog, I just ended up freeing about 30GB of space from my 250GiB (= 232GB?) disk, otherwise I was down to around a GB or have a peek at these guys Well, C: drive space usually isn't. This will refresh the graphical view of the partitions and disks available to you during Vista Setup. All of my software and hardware is working on Vista Home Premium. Windows Vista Requirements Vs Windows 7

These tips just got me back 70 GB. It'll help you find those crazy large log files you've forgotten about deep in %APPDATA%. Only problem I've noticed is the fantastic amounts of free space that goes missing for no reason. check over here Is this the most bloated OS upgrade ever?

Once this step completes, the PC reboots again. Windows Vista Iso Here's why: In the event that something goes wrong down the road, you might not want to automatically tie the only product key you received with this particular PC. Even better would be to make a bootable disc that you can use.

Has multiple graph views (including a tree map), generates all kinds of interesting reports (largest, oldest, temp, and duplicate files just to start).

but that also has it's drawbacks.Darryl Monday, 20 October 2008 05:42:17 UTC+1 for disk cleanup in vista. Who would have imagine thanks pal..be sticking around on your blog for a while Scott. The default choice, and the one I strongly recommend, is "Use recommended settings." When you choose this option, the following changes are made to your Vista install: The Windows Automatic Updating How Much Space Does Windows 7 Take You have been warning.

This web site uses cookies to improve your experience. This multi-step process proceeds through the following steps: Copying Windows files. The problem with the vista pre madee recovery is that you have to burn the disk on first start up , how would you know that ? http://newsgrouphosting.com/windows-vista/hibernating-in-vista-home-premium.php Agree to licensing In this phase of Setup, you must agree to the Windows Vista End User License Agreement (EULA).

Cooling: Two teeny weeny fans Memory: 2GB DDR3 @ Stock (1066MHz) - waiting for cheaper 8GB kits Video Card(s): 9400m/9600mGT 256MB - almost always using 9400m due to heat and battery We like Hibernate off - I know it's your pet feature but it really doesn't matter to us as much as it does to you - stop pestering us about it I understand I will receive a complimentary subscription to TechRepublic's News and Special Offers newsletter, and the Daily Digest newsletter (you can opt out at any time). Sounds like whoever told you that is making stuff up.

Maybe you know about this problem then, because I haven't had any luck googling it or asking about in MS's newsgroups:Due to company policy, my "Documents" folder gets relocated to a I deleted my pictures folder after thinking I had moved it to my new media drive. 8 years of photos gone. I'd like to get as much out of it as I can without the hassle of moving my Program Files to D:. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community.

Login to post comments the more I read about Vista Submitted by Video Conversion (not verified) on Tue, 2008-10-07 12:19. I have a 32GB 10K Raptor HD that I installed Vista Ultimate 64. It's wonderfully multi-threaded and is generally fabulous. On a hard disk with no configured partitions (i.e.

WinDirStat is actively developed, it's Open Source, and it works great in Vista. Have not upgraded yet because the Windows 7 advisor says some of my hardware and software will not work on 7. On bestbuy, it sais,"PC Hard Drive Space:15GB (40GB total hard drive capacity)" Is that a mistake or wat? 15gb would Thread Tools Search this Thread 07-15-2008, 07:20 PM #1 Login to post comments vista Submitted by Email list business (not verified) on Tue, 2008-12-30 09:34.

Power Supply: ThermalTake 430W TR2 Software: XP Home SP2, can't wait for Vista SP1. 10 gigs, partition 20. Thanks for the details over where the space can go. The font and colour also looks odd since the clean install. Your product key will only activate the version of Vista you purchased.

Otherwise, you will have a bit of work to do. Yes, it is probably Vista shadow copies, and as stated in the main post, there is a limit and it will stop taking space once it reaches that point.