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Windows Media Player can't play any file

Windows rebooted without cleanly shutting down first

Windows is booting off the wrong drive.

Windows Message re DLL's

Windows users. will you upgrade to Windows 8?

Windows not loading

Will nVidia 7600GT work on my computer

Windows 8.1 cannot find RAID array

Windows reinstallation problems.

Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live and won't let me choose which one

Win 8.1 freezing then BSOD then restarting

Windows update wrecked my network

Windows not starting

Windows won't play certain MP3 files

Windows 10 has been finalized

Windows & Compatibility

Windows Lagging

Windows Vista BSOD - daily occurence

Windows 10

Windows on the Recovery drive

Windows freezes on splash screen

Windows won't install

Windows pro

Windows spontaneous restart

Windows crashes

Windows default beep problem

Windows store closes automatically

Win 7 can't see one module of RAM

Windows issue

Windows keep flashing

Windows crashing (BSODs

Windows reboot slow after install realtek latest sound driver

Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10532 now available to Fast ring users

Windows sounds are scratchy

Windows will not start

Windows XP Freezes Randomly with no BSOD

Windows XP Problems; my comp won't respond

Windows XP 64-bit crashing

Windows mail export

Windows starts but doesn't finish

Windows 10 available today in 190 countries

Windowsroot>/system32>/ntoskrnl.exe file missing or corrupt

Windows Installation Problems

windows won't start after POST

windows xp crash during game play

Windows.old consuming 10% of my limited SSD Space

Windows start and shutdown sounds not played

WinMail in Windows 10?

windows activation problems

Wireless card loses connection to network then have to restart

Wireless adapter cuts out

WinXPSp2 - need help with minidump

Windows will not load

Windows will not come up

Windows 10 release set for this summer in 190 countries; say hi to "Windows Hello"

Wired connection issue

Wireless from pc to pc for projection video

Windows seems to have lost its keyboard driver

WinXP forcing login as Guest when connecting to network folders.?

Wireless card help

Wireless network downloading problem PLEASE HELP

Wireles LAN connection down with Acer restart

Wireless not connecting every time

Wireless keeps turning off

Wired router network problem

Windows Activation Overly Sensitive

Wireless USB adaptor going to sleep every so often.

wondering how to debug program crashes. like looking at the minidump when BSOD

Wireless connectivity lost after Windows Update

WinXP Laptop Sound Problems And Modem

Wireless Network Adapter Issues

Wireless Network Card problem

Would this upgrade be a decent choice?

Would someone read my minidump?

Word 97 Install

XP SP3 system crashes when running iTunes

Wired and wireless connections gone

Wrong Time By Pc Clock

ZoneAlarm Forum

ZoneAlarm messages

zonealarmpro-networked pc can't access internet

Where Are Outlook and Internet Explorer Files on Hard Disk?

System restore does not work and Search Engine forward to ads

Between 90% & 100% CPU Usage Straight After Windows Re-Install

Game Controllers (Joy.CPL) in Control Panel no longer opens

Blank white desktop?

Desktop not filling screen

Weird PC-shut down problem?

Application Windows Automatically going out of focus/minimizing

Microsoft goes public with more details on its Windows 10 rollout plan

Web pages minumising to taskbar

How to stop programs from closing on their own?

Logging out fom XP takes forever

program log

Pro to Home

Login screen help

Problem with onboard sound - Working but still detecting on boot up

Can't change 'Advanced Sharing Settings' and file sharing isn't working

Need help with rundll32

Windows license locked

using too much memory

Windows won't start. Blue screen shows up.

my computer deleted 'explorer.exe' and now the taskbar

right click install not there

USB hub does not recognize USB2.0 port

Ei system 1511 BSOD

Disk Size is different between Icons View and Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer

Windows Activation Problem

Help with a clean installation--

HELP! Very annoying! Boot Issue

problem with audio

A problem with my audio.

vista unable to boot

Re: networking problem

Frequent BSOD's with new laptop since date of purchase

processes taking up more memory than normal

PC crashes

no sound driver or no sound

Random BSOD and App crashes

Attempt #17; trying to reload PC

Slow booting and turns completely off after no use

Windows testers who haven't updated to the latest build will lose Store access

Lost options on ctrl+alt+del

Vista compatibility w/ older programs.

Computer opens but entire destop is nonrespsonsive

Acer Timing Problem

How to retrieve "lost" email folders after browser update?

Computer takes up to 5 minutes shutting down

Custom Desktop w/3rd Party Icons

Computer Shutdown . please help

Links in Live Mail open Word vs Internet Explorer

game auto-minimize

Windows update disabled

Laptop restarts automatically - No BSOD

Computer is a little slower and Windows 7 resets itself

Game window randomly minimises

BSOD files

Lost explorer then lost taskbar after system restore

Lots of Problems With PC

Windows Corrupted?

Sound Glitching

Unable to access certain video files

Clipboard Retrieval? Copied over valuable password

Virtual desktop within desktop?

windows xp crashes gives stop code error

I can't open Norton or email!

Audio driver don't solving the problem

can't log on/start Windows without password

iTunes installation failure

Issues With Registary and Computer

Wireless card driver keeps crashing my computer?

Unresponsive system.

locking in the order of display in a folder of mixed items

Win7 crashes during boot. Impossible to repair. 4 years old environment


Command Pompt/Console pop ups on the taskbar.

Tagging files.

Computer is sloooow. 10 mins to boot up.

Not getting correct IP

uninstalled ethernet controller HELP!

Help! Random Minimizes Occuring From Unknown Program

High CPU Usage and Loss of Memory Space

Unable to change the non-unicode settings to Chinese (PRC)

Lockscreen and Touchpad Issues After Update

Windows applications not working

desktop taken over by blue screen

Desktop hijack as well as IE popup

Lost ALL network capabilities :|

Introducing Windows 10 Editions

Bsod: Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

win 10 upgrade from 2007 and office 2010

Multiple Simultaneous Audio Outputs in WinXP

frozen taskbar

Thinking about upgrading to Windows 7.

HELP - trojan.vundo has slowed my pc to a halt

Cannot defrag

How to avoid UAC for some few software programs

failure top load windows

login sceen problem

Starup & program delay.

attention Rich: can't get to microsoft windows update.

Back On My Desktop Computer. Asking For A Little Help

Laptop Randomly Loses Ability To Detect/Connect To Any Networks

Continuously Recurring Registry Errors

Reinstallation Problems

Internet Explorer Question

slow shutting down

Trimming the fat from Windows

did my pc install xp by itself?

Two explorer.exe's and programs hang upon loading

help explorer.exe continually closes

how do i remove these folders?

Flashing/Refreshing Windows

Windows 8 Loses Wifi internet connectivity after 'awakening' from sleep mode

taskbar items not responding all the time

Can't turn off auto updates

Driver_irql Bsod

how to get RAW thumbnail viewer to install?

windows only recognizing 3 speakers of 5.1 after new mob install

activation key(not product key)

Brightness setting not working?

Window Stuck on Desktop!

Missing RAM

can't get in to windows sign in problem

Making xp a lean (fast) machine

Lost System Adminstrator Status ?

Windows Doesn't Think That I Have Enough Free Space?

Explorer closes when I close a window

iTunes won't install

What're my chances of a glitch-free upgrade 7 -> 10?

system standby changes back to 15mins?

Is there a problem with the latest MS auto Updates this week?

Microsoft Problems.

Major problem with restarting

Serious updating problem! Please help if you can!

Laptop update issues

ntoskrnl.exe IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows 10 Pro

Sound Lag

Windows 10 explorer.exe application error

Strange errors trying to install Windows 7

problem installer software

Homegroup between two windows PC

Removed Windows Protection Suite but computer now crawling and cannot access gmail

Going for the restore option.

Dazzle capture card problem (no video)


Desktop and applications dissapear

Windows won´t start programs

Un-responsive and blue screening.

I am getting clobbered by Vista APPCRASH and EXPLORER SHUTDOWN

Deep problems with registry keys and Apple media software (help needed!)

Problems loading Windows

Computer Freezes Whenever I Try To Open A Folder.

My custom sounds and desktop icons are resetting. help!

Put in new HD worked great then windows crashed now wont reboot etc

[resolved]Vista Help

new to forum please help SCREEN FREEZE

Lost Administrator's Abilities

Window Slow on Startup

Audio Playback Device randomly not recognized

Problem shutting down my pc

Trying to Fix immediate log off

Fade all windows and hide taskbar when PC not active

Internet issues with upgrade to Windows 7

xp running old exe

Recently had to Restore from Scratch :(

disable password

Upgrade Windows 10 from Windows 7 Pro

Slow Booting in Windows 10

Extremley Laggy!

Constant registry changes (blocked) amongst other things

Updated to Windows 64 bit. Updates possibly blocking off internet connection.

antivirus program not downloading

Multiple BSOD Errors. Logitech Webcam.

Increasing Usable RAM in Windows 10

(English) Speech Recognition in Localized Windows?

False Spyware Attack - Windows will not statup!

Hangs HELP!

Can't access my Administrator account nomore

Slow shutdown.

Start menu enlargement

touchpad issues

mom implementation/run time 7

lost internet access / network adapter failed

My new computer keeps hanging/freezing

Getting 16-bit Windows 95/3.1 apps to work in XP

Windows 7 screensavers

unreadable or corrupted mssg :moved from Internet Expl favs tab to starting firefox

.exe issues

TaskBar issue

Can't connect to the internet via NIC

Very Abnormal Issue With Booting

Read Mac hd in WinXP

Can't turn on windows automatic updates

Windows update deleted local area connection

Can't run this DOS game?

My computer will not go any further than the bootscreen

Recent windows update kill mouse drivers and/or mouse operation

Weird problem when opening certain programs

None of my programs can be accessed or will work.

Hello and Corel Draw 10 can't run under user type login (Windows XP)

ReadyBoot (not Readyboost) speed up?

am i highjacket/ can't update windows

Games/Applications minimize or need


Problem starting up-Auto Check program

laptop formated 6 times bt problem is same what to do?

: video and audio function of laptop window7

BSOD & Restart Randomly

problem with computer after sleep

Blue Screen can't boot

Colour gone from windows

BSOD to constant reboot at splash screen

Anniversary upgrade

BSOD : Computer Regularly Crashing for past week

Windows XP Pro Unresponsiveness

USB Iomega external drive unknown

OneDrive Windows 10 crashing repeatedly

Weird problem after windows update

PC completely freezes over

Control Panel "Add/Remove" Programs is not working

too annoying issue

C:\windows\system32\drivers\atapi.sys Trojan WIndows 7 How to remove

window's theme

which version windows 10 i get ?

LAN/Wireless properties not responding

Active Desktop Freezes on Start-up

Help. No startbar

PC crashing

Lost part of the taskbar.

what size partition to allocate for the operating system

PC No longer plays movie DVDs - Fixes?

How Do I Rid Myself Of The Upgrade In Windows Update?

HELP system crashing constantly screen glitching

Audio Stopped Working and Video Stutters/Lags! -HELP!-

Windows restarts automatically without any proper reasons?Pls hlp

File fails to open on desktop 'cuz of wrong path!

direct x 10

Can not log onto Windows

Compatibility wizard on Windows Vista

No desktop

[resolved]No Power Down During Standby


Resets when doing certain things.

Windows 10 boot and Sleep problems

Can't install windows updates and other bad stuff

vista 64 MS update now no network

need info on windows 10 backup workings

My Fonts Are All Screwed UP!

Help needed making recovery dvd

Windows 10 BCD missing

USB2 hubs don't recognize USB composite devices

Computer Running VERY SLOW after.

Sound not work after few days of installation

High screen resolution. Everything's so small!

My new computer (with 64-bit Win 7) randomly glitches up.

File Secure constant pop-ups when using Windows Exlporer

Problems after reinstall of windows

The Shortcut for "Connect to wireless network"

Windows Update last night screwed up my system

getting my belkin bluetooth usb to work dose not support drivers or cant find them

Crackling Sound even after reinstalling audio drivers.

Toshiba Portege r100 wireless internet turned on restarts the pc automatically

Infuriating file issue.

Very slow to enter Home screen and user account

cant defrag

Bluetooth Settings

Unable to shutdown (interesting problem)

directx error can't install

help in secure deletion of data

Network Shortcuts not working immediately on startup

How do i remove the free upgrade to windows 10?

compter flashes multiple boxes and opens differnt screens on its own

My Applications won't run

Wireless bootup problems

IMPORTANT! I have a problem with Explorer (Quite serious)

having a problem with sound

PC won't boot after update

Windows App Store wont open

System administrator profile has been wiped clean :(

Windows XP version of desktop theme gone.?

Lock up during Log In

Weired Peorblem with mouse over Windows 7

Internet/sound problems after reformat

Major Flaw in Windows 8 Slow Browsing on Chrome

Losing Program associations. all the time

Infenquent freezes take 2

Unable to open My Computer folder in Start Menu

Safe Mode Stops on Ci.dll - Won't Boot

Windows Media Player and AOL AIM Won't Work

Rootkit? / PC automatically comes out of sleep mode

So many problems.primarily Install issues

Icons unclickable randomly in W7

Google Chrome fails to load + Norton Intrusion Alerts

problems with CDs and autoplay

ctfmon.exe and windows explorer keep shutting down

Can't Open Window!

getting to desk top

Laptop Sound & Video Lagging/Stuttering

Random dead internet windows

Program disappeared?!

Windows 10 "Game DVR"/ Built In Screen Recording

win7 keeps shutting down the wireless adpter!

More Probs! No Audio Now !

windows 8 blurry install

home vs pro?

can not update windows

Pinstripe Crashes and Network adapter issues.

Reboot loop mid startup update

Roxio problems!

How do I make windows explorer look like Windows Explorer

Direct3D/Direct Draw video problems

Cannot email page in Windows 10

OK I jumped right into Windows 10

Slow Startup + Other Problems

Data in My Documents Missing

Windows 10 rollback?

Identifying. (Network Problem)

Everytime I try to install iTunes I keep getting this error.

Compatibility Mode for xp 32 bit

Infinite Startup Repair Loop. Can't Access Advances Options

Bios won't show more then 2 gigs on XP 64bit

Cannot open folders from desktop

New desktop--should I wait for Win 8

Konica PCL6 as a network printer can't print completely with windows

Automatic opening of search by startmenu

windows anniversary update manually done

Strange problem in WMP9 (too much echo)

Missing user

Stuttering Audio

trouble with gpu drivers ATI radeon 7200

Activation changes?

BSOD reports

Explorer can't see large disk via USB

RESOLVED: Planning To Upgrade To Vista

missing audio driver

Windows 10 DPS_Watchdog_Violation Bluescreen crash

high virtual memory usage pls help

BSOD Windows debug analysis attached.

Audio trouble with Vista


Symantec pcAnywhere 11.5.1 Windows 7 compatibility issue

I just installed SP2 and now my laptop is cranky

Does anyone know of a desktop slideshow?

windows xp display settings keeps going back to 800*640 from 1280*1024

PC hangs/crashes and win32.agent.yr found

Do I need to reactivate after HDD>SSD migration?

Why programs in taskmanager get boosted after loging off to another use account?

My Windows is definetely retarded. Help.

BSoD from Zone Alarm install?

Can't create a Recovery Drive with System files

Serious (registry?) problem

Fresh windows install - from ISO

Windows Vista Sound Problem

i cant get to my login screen

Hp problems

Taskbar-less programs 'hiding' under specific conditions

NOD 32 w/MS Firewall & Virus Protection--Go together?

omputer is frozen on the "Welcome to Windows" screen

Need help with slow new laptop and strange errors

U.Exe Virus? Computer Slowing Down to a Crawl! Desperate

Win7 to Win10 setup loop

Please help computer has completely changed!

What are these gray Xs over my icons?

stop windows 10 from spying on you.

IE crashes and I get a BSOD with usage

Wireless Network Adaptor for Windows Vista not Picking Up Any Networks

BSOD's constantly happening

Random BSOD with several bugchecks

Win7 Upgrading questions

Windows 10: What you need to run it

Windows XP only recognizes 2GB RAM - 4gb is install

Icons in taskbar

On boot Calculator is open on desktop . no fix found anywhere

Admin pass bypass - no keyboard available

Problem with IE desktop shortcuts

Restore Point continued.

BSOD randomly freezes

more .exe troubles

svchost.exe chewing up download limit

Speccy results for PC specs.

Need Opinion on Windows 10

Windows 7 Explorer looped restart

Computer freezes and dumprep.exe goes skyhigh

os win 10

computer wont load past windows logo screen

sound issuses

Problem with a clean install

BSOD's after Windows update

User Acccount dissapeared

Big Problems with this PC

Cannot open program that require Administrator

Auto update will not turn on.

Windows Explorer restarting in an infinite loop

No sound after installing.

How to do system restore from guest log-on

ITunes won't open; running in background?

Start-up Freeze

WinXP Freezes at Blue login screen

Computer still freezes after a fresh windows install

Not found programs when click start

Windows 8 upexpected restart

Can't access desktop

boot loop - can't log in safe or recover :(

explorer crashes and restarts when I am in the picture file

All programs menu too wide

Time to open folders

Problem with Norton. (I didn't know where else to ask this)

Problems with repair install

Window requiring input won't recognize.

User.dat file

windows 10 features

Computer acting different after windows update

ACPI.sys is corrupt upon installing Winxp

Windows Keep Minimizing and Internet Disconnects

windows freezes after startup

Problems with Microsoft Applications

IE won't open new windows (and worse!)

BSOD - Netio.sys related

Windows Cd activation code problem

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