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Internet Explorer Will Not Open Target Or Pop-up Links


Personally, I feel external links should open in a new tab. Thank you for signing up. There are some reasons why we might want to break that behavior, and we can go over those, but for most links we don't. Spawning windows is plain rude. check my blog

But it will be a conscious decision on his part and not an accidental leave by being sidetracked. However, if you have a pop-up blocker installed then it may have a setting to open any pop-up in a new tab and as far as I know, nothing can enable A user may want to consider to delve deeper into a thread, daisy-chaining a lot of sites. Disclaimer: I am a taboholic and these opinions may/may not be influenced by my addiction… Szyam Permalink to comment# January 15, 2014 Speaking of UX in this decision, I'd like to https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie10-windows_7/links-wont-open-in-new-tab-or-new-window-in-ie10/35c03dcb-1f7b-4191-8a98-687b0bcde4c5

Internet Explorer 11 Opens Blank Page When Clicking On Link

Have you really been watching "normal" web users ? Every site I reference, references a lot of other sources in turn and so on. Even though the back button is in theory your breadcrumb trail back, you're SOL if you wander down a rabbit hole, end up on a site that aggressively redirects, find a sarcastic6 Ars Centurion Tribus: GMT-5 Registered: Nov 21, 2003Posts: 304 Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:24 pm Sorry if I missed this being mentioned, but have you tried launching IE via

Most likely they don't remember where they came from, but it matters to me. I'm further investigating this issue –jlai79 Oct 20 '13 at 12:16 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign So long as target="_blank" is used sparingly and in a consistent manner that does not interrupt normal use of your website, I think you're going to be okay. Firefox For example..

While the Internet is used by everyone, ages 8 to 80, that doesn't mean that all of these users possess a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of how to Please try the request again. On one end of the spectrum, the links placed there by the site's creators are exactly as reputable as the site itself. _new is totally the right choice. http://jalada.co.uk/2011/02/10/why-you-shouldnt-use-target_blank-and-what-to-use-instead.html I would like to have the homepage and the post in the modal window.

maclonghorn yes you do open new windows….you want your site to be sticky, so if you provide links to other, external sites, open a new window so the client doesn't leave Chrome It used to drive me crazy on Smashing Magazine. I could give the most eloquent technical answer in the world; but at the end of the day it boils down to arguing that everyone else is doing it wrong. But how do you use it?

Target= _blank Not Working In Ie11

You're making assumptions about other people's habits based on your own. In my defence, several major social media, which happen to deal with links often, opens links in new tabs too. Internet Explorer 11 Opens Blank Page When Clicking On Link For example, the Kindle has a single-tab browser and instead of ignoring the attribute and open the link in the current tab, it simply throws an error. Internet Explorer Blank Page Fix If no such such tab/window exists, a new one will be created.

Now some browsers don't make this easy. click site But in that case I wonder if that was a UX choice or an advertising choice. Their reasoning is just as bad as the worst clients', they want your eyeballs. Most of us are aware of the tab click in one of its forms, be it the middle click, ctrl click, cmd click or what have you. Uninstall Internet Explorer 11

This used to be "invalid" in HTML (maybe only XHTML?) but people used it anyway since it worked. That's usually what happens to me and I hate it to find my way back to whatever I was reading. Is it theoretically possible to deploy backdoors on ports higher than 65535? news So it follows that *prior* to the user's action, links should open normally.

These users spend a large amount of time on Facebook using _blank for every external link they click. @Nate I don't think Tim is saying he is making the decision. Malwarebytes Of course you don't want to lose customers during their checkout process. It shouldn't be done everywhere, but the idea that it's always, or nearly always, bad behaviour is simply wrong.

And it's only a new tab.

It would be easier at that point to add the beforeunload handler, as mentioned at the end of the post. By using target="_blank", only that behavior is available. It is also worth noting that users can force a link to open in a new window/tab by [Meta Key]-clicking a link. So, in summary, the only good use cases for target=_blank would be better served with JS handlers; therefore target=_blank should never be used.

I still agree with chris that this method has it's uses but is generally overused. This makes the assumption that the goal of the site is to provide the best possible user experience. That "mini heart attack" for them (especially old people) when they think lost everything they were doing, gosh.. :) Josh Permalink to comment# January 15, 2014 You forgot one of the More about the author Jalada I'll be sure to report the bug to the Google team 🙂 They better get working to replace all behaviour across all their apps.

If it doesn't, it's a server-side issue, if it does it's client-side.You're already paying close attention to your User Agent and plugins; check your compatibility settings as well, maybe the pages If I go back to my original window and right click Open in New Window on the "Sports" link, I do get a new window.OK - based on that information, i That said, since you brought it up… search results links on this site open in a new window/tab -- it's something that's always bugged me. Now users wont know which links on your site will open _blank and which wont.

So what do you do? Who wants someone to click on an ad only to completely leave your site? Ryan Permalink to comment# January 16, 2014 @Mazurka You are also assuming that user know they can (ctrl+click). I wholeheartedly agree with all of your arguments.

Many fairly young people, while being exceptionally familiar with the idea of using the web, will go years and years without really exploring the full functionality of their web browser.