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I think one need to be more specific when targeting ie. Serve your CSS 3 and stop using javascript to make it nice for IE6-7. I have not used it yet but found it very interesting. So to target specific IE version, simply use the IE class as the parent selector (eg. .ie6 .box). have a peek at these guys

Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. RR is red in hex GG is green in hex BB is blue in hex. And CSS3 has too many drawbacks in IE. -1 16 Russ April 28, 2010 5:18 am Wow, what a sensible response. It's nice to have all of these variations collected in one place. More hints

Css For Ie 11

By the Way. Attribution / Essential Reading Jeff Clayton | Browserhacks.com Keith Clarke Paul Irish Web Devout The Spanner share|improve this answer edited Dec 11 '14 at 13:49 Jeff Clayton 2,38611520 answered Dec 12 I have a website that looks bad in IE 11.I just search here and there but didnt find any solution yet.

also pass word protect the registry micro-s! If it ain't broke, don't fix. I use a style sheet for IE only and one other for others. If Ie 11 Sold properly, in business terms, CSS3 is time-saving as not marrying all browsers designs to look the same - saves time and money.

The world won't end. Css For Internet Explorer Only I probably spend more time than the average person on my stylesheets but its well worth the effort so that you only need one stylesheet and no fixes. Chris Coyier Permalink to comment# January 20, 2010 It does have SOME styling. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3541982/apply-css-rules-if-browser-is-ie I also found one documented elsewhere, "min-width:0\0".

Reply Dom July 15, 2015 at 3:16 am Thanks man! If Lt Ie 10 These are most useful hacks for IE. I think if we use CSS reset and know some bugs in IE6 bout float we can easily create global CSS. All in all, MS has always been a great platform for developers, far better than MacOS and far more understanding of the programmer approach to things than the W3C. -1 107

Css For Internet Explorer Only

You want color? Nice work on Your sites Chris and i Love Portland O. Css For Ie 11 thankfully the reason i hadn’t noticed is this is actually the first ie issue i’ve run into since then (besides the gap between adjacent boxes’ backgrounds). Ie Css Hack Games don't look exactly the same in every console.

But these solutions (with htc-files or filters) are very very slow and resource-greedy (memory, CPU usage, time). More about the author The Drawbacks Link There are some significant drawbacks to this method that make it very unlikely to ever be practical. IE8 represents no change from their terribly lacking modus operandi. Reply Erik Tyler February 12, 2016 at 6:08 pm Thanks, Philip. Ie 10 Conditional Comments

Reducing HTML code and go for the most minimalistic code possible and the right way of padding/margins and floats etc., is what turned out to be the way to go. That's completely inexcusable for a paid solution. to browser can´t deal with valid code: GO TO HELL we shouldnt do the same mistake twice 0 70 Jacob Gube April 28, 2010 12:55 pm Spoken like a pragmatic developer. http://newsgrouphosting.com/internet-explorer/internet-explorer-is-only-program-able-to-access-internet.php First I see if I can find a real CSS solution to an Explorer Windows problem.

Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 7.0 was released in November 2006. If Lte Ie 8 To mimic this in Internet Explorer, you can use the proprietary filter property to create a gradient with the same start and end color, along with an alpha transparency value. On the contrary, you should almost always use conditional comments.

IE was released as the default browser with Windows 95 (1995).Microsoft Edge replaced IE as the default browser in Windows 10 (2015).

If the situation allows, go ahead and make IE slow. Multiple Backgrounds Link This is another CSS3 technique that, when widely supported, could prove to be a very practical addition to CSS development. Are you essentially just say, make 3 copies of your .css file for IE6, 7+ and FF, and each copy is the complete stylesheet but accommodates the elements? If Ie Not Working For example: body { color: red; /* all browsers, of course */ color : green\9; /* IE8 and below */ } It's important to note that it must be "\9".

Thanks for posting this ! Browse other questions tagged css css-selectors internet-explorer-11 css-hack or ask your own question. Helped me out of a bind. (It might just be me, but you might want to check this page in IE6. news asked 3 years ago viewed 142517 times active 5 months ago Linked 20 Detecting IE11 using CSS Capability/Feature Detection 1 Loading css (stylesheet) ONLY for IE11 1 HTML/CSS detect IE11 without

Surely using progressive enhancement and tools such as modernizer you can "pragmatically" deliver warranted user experiences across all browsers still in a time-saving real-world scenario. Also keep in mind that this media query was added in Internet Explorer version 10, so this will only affect IE version 10 and up. It doesn't rely on IE conditional comments, so it works in IE10+. True, if an outdated inhouse application relies on the underlying support of IE6, the end-user has no other option.

Doesn't seem too hard… if you have the time. 0 105 Aaron April 29, 2010 12:22 pm Using border-radius.htc didn't stretch with a liquid layout. Anyway i stick to http://dowebsitesneedtolookexactlythesameineverybrowser.com/ and stopped using MS-only-properties. Build faster with pre-coded PHP scripts. IE will hang until image from AlphaImageLoader filter loaded.

Aren't other browsers meant to ignore the query? @media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none), (max-width: 1920px) { #movies { /* Holds Movie Window Content5 */ height:10%; } .ufo_movie-arrw { height:26.5em; It doesn't rely on server-side operations, so it works with server-side caching enabled. Regarding Government dropping support for IE6, we did that a year ago and many others are following suit. The "far away from prime time" comment is right on point.

The Demonstration Link Because this technique requires use of the jQuery library and an external plugin file, you can view the demo at this location16. This will ensure the other browsers aren't making unnecessary HTTP requests. Each time IE (11) responded positively but so did all the other browsers (firefox, chrome, opera, etc.). I tried margin-top: 10px\9, margin-top: 10px\10 and margin-top: 10px\11 without success –Guillaume Aug 28 '14 at 16:33 3 Try my ie10+ hack _:-ms-fullscreen, :root .selector { margin-top: 10px; } and

I think someone else also mentioned the RGBA thing.