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Browser Crashes Multiple Times During Day


You may get some relief from crashes by running chrome with --disable-gpu . I have an old Lenovo X300 (GMA3000 grfx) that was basically unusable with Mint 17.1 installed due tho the above issue. May 20, 2016 at 4:17 pm Reply Judy Sanhz saysHi DLister, Wow, Firefox is causing you that many issues?? I gave it a few days to make sure it's stable, and it's been fine. navigate here

Just did the same thing again. Sometimes when I am trying to load a page (it doesn't matter if I'm just navigating a website, opening a new tab/window, or trying to load a website for the first Please let us know when you get a chance to test with --disable-gpu. It doesn't matter if I have 1 tab or several open.

Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 7

That's fantastic! Type (with Firefox closed) firefox.exe -p The Profile Manager will open. Step 11 of 12: Try Firefox to fix single unruly sites If you find Safari isn't working for just one website, then try using a different browser. Scroll down the resulting list.

I can't think of many other places (besides the government) where you can get THAT MUCH wrong for THAT LONG and not face consequences. Under the Microsoft Windows heading, locate Internet Explorer 11, as shown in Figure 2. cor-el Top 10 Contributor Moderator 14733 solutions 133596 answers Posted 3/31/15, 5:12 AM Plugins are never removed, but might get disabled. Ie11 Freezes Windows 10 Are you on the very latest drivers you can find?

Check out our comment policy here. Some suggested I don't do this and even don't visit some of my regular web pages (like bbc.co.uk). So, on a similar note, blaming Microsoft for common technical issues occurring in Windows is kind of like blaming AT&T for dropped calls. http://winsupersite.com/microsoft/q-how-do-i-keep-internet-explorer-11-crashing-so-many-times-every-day Mar 4, 2016 at 4:34 pm Reply Judy Sanhz saysHi Dragonmouth, It´s difficult to determine what exactly is causing the problem, but unfortunately, it´s something that happens.

One of the TPLs you can get is the same as adblock that Chrome and Firefox tout as an add on. Internet Explorer Freezes Windows 8 hello, waqaskhan092, please ask a new question here. * https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new Thanks in advance! This prevents the loading of Flash ads, videos, or other Flash contents on the majority of sites, which in turn improves stability.Type about:addons in Firefox's address bar and hit enter.Switch to It should allow you to get on fine, but if you have a virus scanner try turning it off to see if that helps.

Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 10

You can start Firefox in Safe mode by pressing the "Shift" key while it is starting, or you can click on the "menu button - > Question Mark -> Restart with http://www.chriswrites.com/20-reasons-safari-crashes/ Here are my last five crashes reports: bp-a36a60c8-1421-442e-86e2-567f72130219 2/18/2013 9:41 PM bp-cf4cae5e-5e77-4513-ae86-480c12130219 2/18/2013 9:11 PM bp-b3381532-b510-4530-86ce-17fba2130219 2/18/2013 8:20 PM bp-30222a14-69cf-48cb-8627-8bb3c2130219 2/18/2013 7:49 PM bp-706b07bf-62bc-45f2-b712-863cb2130218 2/18/2013 4:44 PM I did try to Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 7 On 28 January, Apple seemed to have fixed the issue, but with the release of iOS 9.3 on 21 March 2016, a lot of users have reported the same problem - Internet Explorer 11 Crashes Windows 7 64 Bit Exercise your browser after each change, visiting any pages that previously caused trouble.

Or is Safari running so slowly on your Mac that you can't use it properly? http://newsgrouphosting.com/internet-explorer/ie-random-loads-up-mutiple-times.php Reply Xmetalfanx February 6, 2014 at 10:18 am # I HAD the plugin too and noticed the frequency of the crashes going up (something needed that its blocking?) ... When I click on profiles I just get Windows C with one long list rosemarybales Posted 3/28/15, 12:52 PM Question owner I don't know what half the stuff on that list Trusted Protected List basically will act as a ad blocker, which I found to slow down and crash IE from my experience. Internet Explorer 11 Keeps Crashing Windows 10

Click Create New Profile and go through the prompts. Browsers are crap also web developing and coding is also crap and i wonder how come that no one is seeing this. You can always useanother browser, such as Chrome or PuffinWebBrowser. his comment is here My problem isn't so much with IE as it is with who made it.

We no longer get hit with popups because technology has advanced, and we still have .COM sites, and they are now part of a much bigger better scope of websites; not Internet Explorer 11 Crashes Immediately After Opening So, believe me when I say: I really don't want to switch browsers but this is getting to the point where I literally *cannot* work or be productive. I use Win 7, and it's up to date.

I am using a stock install of Ubuntu 14.04.1 which upgraded to 14.04.2 and have accepted all updates.

Comment 29 by [email protected], Feb 8 2015 Processing Experiencing the exact same issue on a mbp 11,2. cor-el Top 10 Contributor Moderator 14733 solutions 133596 answers Posted 3/28/15, 7:50 PM You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox. hi Rosemary, could you provide your latest few submitted crash reports? Norton Causes Browser Hang The next one told me to Use the Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles.

Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox Topic Fix slowness, crashing, error messages and other problems System Details Windows 8 Firefox 18.0 More system details Additional System Details Installed when a solution is found. August 29, 2014 at 3:56 am # I agree with ringsteel. http://newsgrouphosting.com/internet-explorer/av8-crashes-browser-but-undetected-by-antivirus.php All Rights Reserved.

I would say an average of 3 times a day it crashes. See also: How to force quit on a Mac, close programs that aren't responding Apple issues OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 update to solve WiFi woes How to use the Safari web Or how about OSX?! You only lose the extensions if you create and use a new profile or if you run Firefox in Safe Mode (this disables extensions, but doesn't remove them).

February 6, 2013 w3techie @Kevalin I agree. Actual problem is is with Adobe Flash Plug-in, not Firefox - Hope this helps. Installed extensions and other customizations (toolbars, prefs) that you have made are lost and need to be redone. How is disabling something that is supposed to use your computer's built-in hardware going to improve things?

it takes way to much for my PC. Voila!If you're running Windows 7 or Vista SP2 it's worth a try. Choose Safari > Preferences > Extensions to see all the extensions on your system. But what if resetting the browser doesn’t work?

uninstall IE, install chrome. Web page is all about information and i don't see the reason and the need for heavy coded information that in some obscure cases takes more that 1 GB ram by I will look into it Reply Larry February 6, 2014 at 9:12 pm # Unfortunately, FireFox has backed itself into technical corner dilemma. No crash ID.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Q. Give it a try. Rosemary Bales Report ID Date Submitted bp-fb0159fa-aea4-4a3d-b3dd-d845c2150326 3/26/2015 8:05 AM bp-d7f7538c-8570-4e01-af41-6b38e2150325 3/24/2015 9:46 PM f9dd6f22-de65-47e1-afba-8c29fd29a004 3/18/2015 6:10 PM bp-1e03e2bb-6a25-42d0-8cda-9925b2150315 3/15/2015 3:50 PM c7fa71e9-4888-4c20-83ec-a760c578808e 3/15/2015 2:15 PM bp-302380d4-8e8a-4863-abc8-00f6e2150311 3/11/2015 2:43 PM 8bfd9321-3b48-4352-bd26-a1c99a33e178

Reply Dwight Stegall February 5, 2014 at 9:59 am # I'll sure be happy when there are more plugins. :) Reply Lanny February 5, 2014 at 12:33 pm # Excellent article.