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Help Please.dumb Issue With MS Word


I have Office 2003. But here's a pro tip: It's a lot easier to make your document look the way you want it to before you have anything in the document at all. Cheap solution: Undo If you haven't had a chance to disable an automatic feature (or you want to leave it enabled and override it only occasionally), remember that pressing Ctrl+Z or One day I had a user call and complain, "Every time I turn off my computer, I lose my network connection." Office Worker: "I deleted all the images in our database this contact form

Rebooting doesn't restart the clock, but powering down overnight does. Unfortunately, manual edits will be undone as soon as you generate the index again; you'll have to remember that you want to make these manual changes every time you create a But if your type is much smaller, you'll want larger margins to keep the page nice and readable. When you do this, your odds of getting a useful answer and the speed with which you are likely to get that answer both improve tremendously.Simon Tatham has written an excellent http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f57/help-please-dumb-issue-with-ms-word-1103658.html

How To Turn Off Overtype In Word

On the top of the next gray box, click on the white box with 'Save In' next to it. If you have a multi-paragraph item in a list, that means the next list item is effectively starting a new list, with the numbering starting where the previous one left off. NEW Can I create dictionary-style heads (guide words) in my index?

Deselect the Fractions (1/2) With Fraction Character option. #6: Word turns straight apostrophes and quote marks into curly characters. A woman walked into the room and came up to where I was sitting: at a desk marked "COMPUTER HELP DESK" with computers on it, one of which I was using. I just need that shiny little round disk." They said they kept all their "computer stuff" in the other room in a cupboard, so they went to search for it. How To Insert A Line In Word When they break, all those =20 glyphs scattered through the text are ugly and distracting β€” or may actively sabotage the semantics of your text.

Scrivenor's fun, but Word's easier to save in version trees mailed to drop boxes. How To Keep Text From Moving In Word One question that comes up with regular frequency is how to ensure a numeric sort, 0, 1, ..., 9, 10, 11, ..., in favor of Word's default digit-by-digit sorting of 0, I am an expert on Word indexing. I check everything is set the way I want (it usually is) and hit "ok." So that seems to just refresh everything and set the list straight again.

While the hackers will spot it, some of the advanced users may at least give you a hint.Prune pointless queriesResist the temptation to close your request for help with semantically-null questions Mla Format They may not like the idea of a monthly fee. Its pervasive near-monopoly status has brainwashed software developers to such an extent that few can imagine a word processing tool that exists as anything other than as a shallow imitation of subject.

How To Keep Text From Moving In Word

That said, if you really want all uppercase letters (against my advice) and yet someone have an index that uses lowercase letters, it's an easy fix. Don't TYPE IN ALL CAPS; this is read as shouting and considered rude. (All-smalls is only slightly less annoying, as it's difficult to read. How To Turn Off Overtype In Word Word's sorting algorithm, which is used not just behind-the-scenes in indexing but also as a menu-item feature, is quite rudimentary. Microsoft Word Spacing Between Words Problem Then, if you still need to ask for clarification, exhibit what you have learned.For example, suppose I tell you: β€œIt sounds like you've got a stuck zentry; you'll need to clear

After I asked them for it, they gave me a weird look, so I put my question in simpler terms. "When you have bought this little box over here," I said, http://newsgrouphosting.com/how-to/hotmail-text-to-word-document.php It is generally best to ignore such people until they define their problem better.Q:How can I configure my shell prompt?A:If you're smart enough to ask this question, you're smart enough to Its interface is convoluted, baroque, making the easy difficult and the difficult nearly impossible to achieve. Thank you. Microsoft Word Help

I was busy trying to figure out how to get the Help files to work in the system I'd been told to use, but I remember the technical writer who'd been I'd need hands-on access to your machine to troubleshoot this. brucecohenpdx | October 12, 2013 07:24 6: Sorry, couldn't resist that last comment. navigate here Tracked changes can include partial index entries, which is why you can get such weird results.

Rgds, TH premint Microsoft Office support 2 01-26-2012 03:52 AM Help with WORD Macro (extract tracked changes) Hi, I need to extract tracked changes in WORD into a table in a Lorem Ipsum On one is written OS/2, the other is Windows 3.11, and the last one has Windows 95 written on it. Or it may be that your question wasn't well-formed to begin with.There are other sources of help you can go to, often sources better adapted to a novice's needs.There are many

The jobbie in front of you with the keys on it." Secretary: "Oh.

Apparently he thought that to install software you had to get the box in there somehow. But this in itself reminds me of talking to a guy who'd standardised his entire office to doing everything within Lotus Notes on OS/2 - "not everyone liked it to begin Then we paralleled the review of the document content with the 'tarting up' of the basic content with predefined styles, macros and toolbars - making it easy to generate the house If you can't be bothered to take even the few seconds required to set up a correct Reply-To header in your mail agent, we can't be bothered to take even a

You can't use named styles, which means you must actually highlight the text you want italicized, and then italicize it. It's OK to be ignorant; it's not OK to play stupid.So, while it isn't necessary to already be technically competent to get attention from us, it is necessary to demonstrate the Many thanks in advance for taking you time to post an answer for me. his comment is here Are you looking for something like http://bywordapp.com/markdown/guide.html?

Nor is Microsoft Word easy to use. Do you need burping and diapering, too?” followed by a punch of the delete key.Smart: I tried X, Y, and Z on the S2464 motherboard. I used to play MUDs quite a bit. Tech Support: "We normally don't send out repairmen to change batteries." Customer: "What?

brucecohenpdx | October 12, 2013 07:09 3: Word! The funny part is that I'm 99% confident that the funding agency didn't care in the slightest. All the lights were on, and the staff was behind the registers, and he asked, "Are you open?" One day a customer walked into our computer store, gazed up at the How do I display the INDEX field?