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Paul Not a virus. Bumbaclaat I think it is of no help to show statistics that who thinks what? Your cache administrator is webmaster. Hap Rieky is correct.

Otherwise clear it's path(s). Trendmicro's on line scan picked it up. dreamwave development if you have an HP printer, this file is needed so you will be able to print. Spooling allows you to print in the background without your computer being tied up. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/spoolsv.exe.html

In the Control Panel double-click the Administrative Tools and then Services. there was a print job waiting on one of the other printers. This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PCWorld. Ralph Kelley i have 5 computers. 2 of them wont print unless spoolsv.exe is enabled and can freely access the internet.

MAY be something corrupted after cleaning against of viruses I get Task Manager kill the process and in the %system% renamed this file after xp installation ask me for insert disk I tried to remove it but it wouldn't go, until I switched the printer back on. If it has windows in it, you are safe. Mags If you disconnect your printer and print something, it will take up about 90% of your CPU usage!

Siddiq Everybody READ, look at your processes, there may be two of the spoolsv. This is caused when there are still printer jobs in the Windows spool. I checked and rechecked and my system was clean. check over here Yes, you can safely end this process.

Anywhere else is probably a virus. I didn't have any print jobs waiting that I knew of. Ringwald don't know much except the CPU instead of 100% is now 2% after deleting a print queue on my scanner !!!! the spoolsv.exe can hog up the cpu to 100% when invalid printer tasks are waiting somewhere on your pc or network, doesnt have to be in the printer's tasklist itself, but

I delete 4 unused printers driver and now it's not giving my any probleem at all. Youll have to put up with slow computer and start the spooler again (start, run, net start spooler) go to printers folder, r click on each printer and cancel all docs. Your Windows PC's have the Microsoft Office Document and Image Writer on them in the Printer and Fax folder in the settings folder. Under normal circumstances, spoolsv.exe is a process belonging to the Windows Print Spooler Service.

Was planning to format my PC. The process starts when Windows starts (see Registry key: MACHINE\Run, win.ini, Run, Winlogon\Shell, RunOnce, MACHINE\RunOnce, Userinit, DEFAULT\Run). But it is also a valid Windows file. Otherwise, do as others who considered it as virus/trojan, suggested here.

jkj It does not put too much load on CPU but I noticed that it spoolsv.exe is trying to access internet on address Often I"ll be playing a game or something and the computer slows down to 10%. Jumblock Just delete the pending job in Microsoft Office Document image writer, PROBLEM GONE after a year of dealing with this MarkT spoolsv.exe was taking up 99% of CPU until I Just go to services and stop/start the print spool service.

When I then changed a printer setting (spool directly to printer) the problem was fixed. After reading through the suggestions made on this site, I checked the Microsoft Image writer & sure there were three large files waiting to be printed. Found this site and checked and lo and behold I had 3 print jobs in the que.

I was unable to delete them, however, so followed advice and link from ND, above.

One of the ones on mine was spooIsv (the I is an i). If it runs from anywhere else, delete it. It was due to few pending print jobs in a printer. But then I read a few of these threaded articles and then went to my printer status window and found that indeed 1 had 4 print job in queue for the

I think its a worm... Johnny B I had this problem on one of our computers. The downloaded adobe reader turns the spoolsv.exe file off so you don't have a printer any more. mikes it clogs my CPU...

Note - "Spoolsv.exe" is located in the Windows or Winnt directory, and not in System32, like the legitimate Spoolsv.exe system file "Spoolsv" definitely not required. My Windows Task Manager showed that this file was running at 98% of my processes. Ross I was using windows normally, not sending a print job anywere when my firewall poped up saying "spoolsv.exe is trying to send data to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx do you wish to allow?". Ben if u dont want it just disable the printer spooler service, but it would be easier to cancel any jobs waiting to be printed SZ First use a system search

Turn off the printer 3. What is spoolsv.exe? These print jobs were terminated and all is back to normal. White Hawk I have 2 1 in the C/windows/system32, the other in c/windows/servicepackfiles/i386, I think the second one is also valid...

thus it is not a virus, but a open door that hackers and viruses use to access your computer See also: Link Dustin I don't know anything about this file. Xoy If you end up with 99% CPU usage delete the contents of C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS See also: Link Joel it is very easy to fix i found the solution from the following