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Dual Boot Quirky - SATA And IDE Possibly To Blame

Copying my old Feisty config which uses TwinView doesn't work either, I just get one screen; no TwinView. the only reason we don't have competitions like this on windows or Mac is because of the closed source nature so we're stuck in a monopoly which we have to take I'll check out the forum threads more over the next few days to see if I can get that going. I just cannot see the forest for the trees at present. check my blog

Been s pretty loyal Apple customer for laptop, phone, wife's computer, parents and iMac for since about 2005-2006. For instance if Facebook stops maintaining messenger on windows phone 8.1, I'd loose my most used app. I was seeing a "no mixer" error in KDE when I hovered the mouse over the volume control. Everything worked fine. More about the author

Likewise for my 8 year old 'phone.Tech enthusiasts are the ones who can see through the marketing and upgrade-treadmill BS; the "average person" can end up buying a new machine when Ubuntu 7.10, kernel 2.6.20-16-generic - I couldn't bring up XFree86. upgrades still seem kind of pointless. When I tried to load Gutsy on my father's machine, it fails miserably.

Hardware support I have a 8 year old laptop where Windows (event v10) works OK but I would like to play with linux sometimes. I know there have been a few updates - but I can't get them - that's exactly my problem!! After doing some more research I ran across this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-414903.html This post suggests generating an new initrd image for the kernel. I loved the fact from my previous install of Feisty I was able to save my my config files, firefox and thunderbird were to big concerns of having to tweak everything

I very much like Win 7. The install of Gusty went just fine on my Dell Inspiron 5150 but the wireless card, the notorious BCM43XX (BCM4309) variety of cards wasn't trouble free. Other tests showed the opposite, PCI slots closer to the video card worked but not the one closest to the bottom of the case. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248958-32-dual-boot-sata Plug ethernet if poss.

As well as OS X. the only other reason is because its more secure. Spread the Word:TweetMorePocketShare on Tumblr Written By John Morris John is a sailing instructor and mechanical engineering student who happens to be a computer geek. Installation & Setup Can you tell me which SATA driver I need for dual boot?I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7.

Fortunately, I have a multi-boot PC with W2k, XP, Feisty as well as Gutsy, and PCLinuxOS. ...I also have the Mac. http://www.teachexcel.com/winxp/winxp-help.php?i=89399 LOVE linux, use it from bsd, interactive, sco, sun way back when 8086 couldnt handle interrupts on the serial port and open an app on hard drive, 4dos was the weakest and the best thing is genuinely these forums. Mint EXPLODED, eclipsing its big brother Ubuntu for a time, and, arguably, motivating the Ubuntu team to temper themselves.

Using the normal Xinerama setup provided doesn't work either. click site Thanks to software improvements, my laptop actually got better over the years. ;) mgkimsal 161 days ago I've got a 2011 macbook pro which is now used for basic work Ask ! I have to click things several times before it will register the click, a right click on something will take a second to open a menu instead of instantly, it takes

Your cache administrator is webmaster. You can run Debian on almost any phone by using a fork of Linux for that phone. WillPostForFood 161 days ago Posting on a 2009 iMac right now - do had these been closed source programs they'd compete until once dies and the other buys out what's left. news I had a few issues with wireless (big surprise there...), but found out that Ubuntu was automatically recognizing my adapter and I didn't realize it (extremely pleasant surprise).

More likely it was shifting priorities (minimizing pagefile access probably just wasn't a priority anymore). falcolas 161 days ago My experience mirrors yours on this front. I viewed cloud services with advertising long before folks knew clouds were not just in the sky… I saw on the horizon the intrusion of every movement of your mouse with The pre desktop config doesn't work and neither does 'Screens and Graphics'.

I suspect that this is not the primary motivation for their current lack of new tech.

At the moment there is one laptop that's thinner, the HP Spectre, and the MacBook has a higher resolution screen, significantly less weight, and better battery life; it's up there on The original upgrade did experience some problems with repositories being unavailable, so I went in and unchecked the Universe/Multiverse repos and tried again. I will say though that the adapter was picky about which board I used (didn't like the couple BX chipset based boards I tried).Overclockers.com 07-11-2011 02:20:20 PM (UTC)Senior member C627627 leads More flexible and more practical than Windows and Mac OS Not even mention comparison server comparison.

It will likely last for several more years, because the needs for it won't change, and the specs it has meet the needs just fine.For newer work - as needs change, It's annoying to read lazy people opinion. All seemed to go well until the reboot. http://newsgrouphosting.com/dual-boot/xp-dual-boot-on-dual-hd-again.php Reply Amith January 8th, 2017 This is a good article, I've been using Linux as a main OS for about 10 years now and I've used most major distros.

Power Management does not work. "Suspend" appeared to work perfectly off the live CD, both by closing the lid and selecting that option on the desktop. Then I replaced the video card.